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Permanent Evelina

Soft Ombre eyebrow training (English)

Soft Ombre eyebrow training (English)

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Over the years, eyebrow techniques and performance are improving, and more and more people are choosing to learn this craft.

Since the supply of procedures and trainings is very large these days, it becomes more and more difficult for masters to choose a master, a teacher.

Everyone strives for excellence, improvement in their profession. Therefore, I want to offer you my training, which will help you improve and grow as a specialist.

"Soft Ombre" Eyebrow technique!

This is a course during which you will get to know the outline, methodology and all the features of my work.


How to properly prepare for the procedure.

Hand position and proper fixation of the skin during work.

I will show you how I photograph a client to attract new people to my social networks.

Preparation of the skin for work.

In this tutorial, I'll show you how to draw a sketch quickly. You will also learn what kind of needle I like to work with. Operating speed of the device. I'll show you the entire procedure on a live model, from start to finish. These trainings are for all masters, beginners and advanced.

During training, work is done with Permablend Luxe pigments, which are safe and meet REACH requirements.

After these trainings you will become more confident!

You will also receive a certificate after the training!

Training recording will be available 14 days after purchase.
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