Long-lasting eyebrow makeup

This is the area of ​​the face that reveals the beauty of a woman the most. Soft eyebrow shading and the correct shape of the eyebrows emphasize the existing facial features.


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Is it a painful procedure?

Minimal discomfort may be felt during the procedure, which depends on the characteristics of the body and the thickness and sensitivity of the skin. Anesthetics are used to reduce pain, which reduce pain to a minimal sensation.

How long does the long-term eyebrow makeup procedure take?

The duration of the procedure depends on the chosen area and technique. The time of the procedure includes a consultation, finding out the client's needs, choosing a form, drawing a sketch and performing the procedure itself. On average, long-term makeup lasts from 1.5 hours. until 2 a.m

Can the procedure be performed on old long-term makeup?

Each case is individual, so it is necessary to consult with the master. My most common recommendation is to destroy old work with a laser and not to layer pigment. Then we will be able to get a more natural result. It is always best to come for a consultation and only after evaluating the work in reality, it is possible to decide whether an old pigment removal procedure is necessary.

When is it better to postpone the long-term make-up procedure?

• If you are planning a trip where it will be very hot and sunny, the procedure should be done 1 month before the trip.

• During pregnancy.

• If you have sores, herpes, very dry, scaly skin in the area where the procedure will be performed. The procedure can only be performed when everything is completely healed.

• If you plan to go on vacation, it is best to do the procedure 10 days before. until everything heals and you feel comfortable. Can decorative cosmetics be used after the procedures? It is not recommended to use cosmetics on damaged skin. Wait for the scab to fall off and the skin to heal completely. Afterwards, you can use decorative cosmetics as usual.

How do eyebrows heal after the procedure?

After the long-term make-up procedure, a scar will form, which can last for one to two weeks. Do not urinate or scratch the scab during treatment. Avoid sunbathing, do not use acidic products. 3 days after the long-term make-up procedure, apply the ointment/vaseline prescribed by the stylist to your eyebrows. It is best to do it in the morning, and if you feel a stretch, in the evening. Apply a thin layer of oil. After peeling the eyebrows, it may seem that the eyebrows are very light, but there is no need to fear, because the color will intensify. And the final result can be evaluated only after 6 weeks, when the regeneration process has completely passed. How long does permanent eyebrow makeup last?

• For an average of 1-1.5 years, long-term eyebrow makeup will look aesthetically, naturally bright, and you will not need to sharpen it every day.

• If you want to enjoy the benefits of long-term makeup, the renewal procedure should be performed as soon as you notice a lack of color intensity or simply do not feel satisfied with your existing eyebrows.

• I would like to point out that the type of skin has a particularly strong influence, after how long the procedure may have to be repeated. The owner of dry skin can return to the clinic even after 2 years, and the owner of oily, porous skin - even after less than a year.

• Also, acid products, the sun, tanning beds fade the pigment, so the renewal will need to be done faster than for clients who avoid these pigment-fading elements.